A-Zone Windscreen Repair - Established 1988    

At A-Zone Windscreen Repair, all repairs are COMPLETELY FREE of charge (subject to Fully Comprehensive Insurance). We offer a free call out service and special rates for uninsured and 3rd party vehicles.

Bull's Eyes
Wiper Scratches
MOT Work

Damage as shown in the pictures to the right, windscreen scratches and linear cracks (up to 6 inches long) in laminated screens, can be repaired at your home or place of work.

The repair process takes approximately 30 minutes, restoring the structural integrity of the screen, rendering the screen as good as new and guaranteed for 12 months.

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Customer Comments
"A fast callout, far less expensive than main windscreen companies" Mrs L Darling, Rudgwick

"Phoned up in the morning, had it repaired by the evening! The repair was invisible"
Mr M Dooley, Brighton

"A fast, reliable service for over 20 years, with competitive pricing - We would not use anyone else" Mercedes-Benz, Crawley

"A Fast, brilliant and reliable service. I've used them three times and there is never a problem!" Mr B Foster, Kent

"Repaired my MOT failure and saved me a fortune!" Mrs Sidcup, Brighton



All staff at A-Zone Windscreen Repair Ltd are Novus trained.

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